Simple Steps You Need to Repair Your Cornice

Are you interested on information that shows you how to repair cornice? We at Silver Linings are proud to offer you steps that you can take to repair you cornice so you don’t have to call for servicing every time you have a simple repair issue that you can do by yourself. We at Silver Linings have been in the business of repairing cornices for many years and we have worked on some of the prestigious buildings in Australia. Our services are trusted by many and we have experience working on both big and small projects so we understand every important detail needed in fixing and repairing cornices.

The Steps Needed In Repairing Cornices:

1) Do The Necessary Preparations

Clean the area that is damaged to remove dirt and plaster particles that are loose using a wet sponge. With a scissor, cut Styrofoam to exact size as the part of the cornice to be repaired. Ensure that the thickness of the Styrofoam does not exceed that of the cornice to ensure that it does not protrude outside.

2) Repair The Damaged Cornice

Apply plasterboard adhesive on top of the cornice gap using a taping knife and then put the Styrofoam piece you cut on the adhesive. Now apply another layer of adhesive on the top surface of the Styrofoam and spread it till it is smooth using a taping knife. Give the adhesive 24 hours to dry and if some of the adhesive extended outside the plastered cornice, you need to sand it out using fine grit sandpaper. Following the instructions on the plaster container, mix plaster and water and once it is ready, apply a layer of the coat over the glue or adhesive as you carefully follow the shapes and curves on the cornice.

3) Apply Another Plaster Coating

Because plaster often shrinks and cracks due to its frail nature, you should apply a second coat using a plaster knife once the first one is dry to add strength to the repaired surface. This is a very important step on how to repair cornice as this layer of coating is the one that will be visible to people.

4) Finishing Touches

In case the repair does not look satisfactory, you should refine the replaced cornice using sand paper or a fine chisel. After this is done, you should wipe the cornice using a damp sponge and leave it to dry.

5) Apply A Layer Of Paint

Paint the repaired cornice to give it a uniform appearance as the rest of the cornice surface around it. There are a number of quality plaster paints that we can advise you to purchase and will refresh your cornice and protect it from harsh conditions for many years. These are the steps on how to repair cornice. For more information see our website and we will be pleased to help you.

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