Ceiling Tiles, & Repairs in Adelaide

Silverlinings are dedicated to high quality finish on plasterboard walls and ceilings, with particular attention paid to the detail areas in ceiling embellishment and fancy cornicing. When you walk into a room, crisp edges on detail areas create an excellent impact from a simple ceiling.

Ceiling Tiles, & Repairs in AdelaideFancy Cornices and Coffered Ceiling Features

“Coffered” ceiling features are raised or recessed areas of ceiling to create vaulted details. These may be low profile and part of the detail or texture of the surface, or can be larger recesses to accentuate features such as lighting units, ceiling fans or skylights.

Coffered ceilings bring a certain grandeur to a room, and are suitable for older home designs with traditional detailing, or can be a modernised style to suit clean, minimalist styling.

Suspended Grid Ceilings (Enclosed or Exposed)

We can rebuild or remove suspended grid ceilings. In many cases this type of ceiling is in poor condition and may look tattered and messy. We strip old ceiling tiles and check integrity of suspended frame, and can either refurbish the current exposed grid ceiling design, or update to a more modern clean look enclosed with gyprock ceiling sheet.

Removal or replacement of Strawboard (Stramit) ceiling tiles – a straw-based fibre board product often used in ceiling panels for it’s acoustic and insulation properties.