Wall Features

Wall Niches – Archways – Embellishments – Lighting Boxes – Grottos – Shelves

Looking for a special place to display ornaments, art pieces, or favourite family photos?

Consider a wall niche to emphasise importance of the piece in your life. Customise the size, shape and placement of the niche within available wall-space. Integrated lighting can be designed into the wall-box to ensure consistent display among matching pieces (pairs or sets of vases or ornamental artworks for example).

Optimise use of stairway wall-space with staggered wall niches for a series of display grottos - You could also utilise these spaces for storage or lighting boxes, similar to a built-in cabinet.

Wall niches can maintain a more ambient temperature, suitable for sensitive artworks or expensive sculpture that might otherwise be damaged by heat extremes and smoke or direct sunlight when stored on a traditional Fireplace Mantle or Shelving.

Discrete Entertainment Integration

Hide unsightly stereo systems or televisions in a decorative cavity. Cable vaults can be installed between Flatscreen TV Mountings and Sound Systems to create a discrete cabling solution for inbuilt entertainment cabinets and niches.

You could even mount computer display LCD screens and wire them through to a hidden computer system to create an integrated Media Centre in your lounge, dining area, or home-office solution.