Try Our Ceiling Installation Services For Unmatched Interior Décor Experience

If you are looking for the best ceiling installation, Silverlinings offers the best specialised services. We have been in the market for a period exceeding thirty years offering exceptional services to our clients in the building sector. Whatever your ceiling installation needs, we are ready to supply and install you ceilings in any design and tailor it to suite what you need. We guarantee or client’s timely quality work that is carefully crafted and within the agreed price. We are dedicated to offering our clients with top notch finishes on ceilings and detailed attention given to fancy cornicing and embellished ceilings. When we are through with your work, you will not fail to notice the excellent impact created by the detailed areas and crisp edges on the ceiling.

At Silverlinings ceiling installation, we offer an assortment of ceilings that are suspended and do installations for all types of commercial fittings and office refurbishing. We have very stylish designs that are guaranteed to meet and exceed your expectations. We can fit the suspended ceilings by fitting them to just about every interior giving your space an acoustic lining, a lower noise working environment, thermal insulation, reduced energy consumption, light reflection optimisation, entry of more natural light into the space, ability to hide pipes that you don’t want to be seen and keep the wires hidden so your room and environment remain tidy and appealing.

Silverlinings has a huge supply of trucks and labour for both small and big ceiling installation jobs and we are able to work on different projects simultaneously on a daily basis so if you require assistance, don’t hesitate to inform us and we will be available to work with you to achieve your construction needs in a timely professional manner. We have project managers who work with our experienced teams in each project and they execute and lead the teams to ensure that every project is completed within the stated timeline and every deadline is met with exceptional services that don’t exceed the agreed budget. They also ensure that every activity is done with at most professionalism and work closely with the teams and clients to ensure that our clients are satisfied and happy with our work the first time we finish.

We at Silverlinings ceiling installation invites you to view our photo gallery to see some of our completed projects and visit our website for more detailed information about our ceiling installation services and other building maintenance, building works, fit outs, second opinion or second quotes. We are always happy to give you face to face recommendation, advice or prepare a free quote for you.

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